Heineken UK were undertaking a large mobile update to their website, and integrating a new responsive front-end framework into their trade ecommerce website. The aim was to improve the website experience for their customers using tablet devices. Owl & Giraffe were asked by Heineken UK to undertake a user experience and design assessment of the updated website on tablet. The objective was to ascertain the overall design impact of the technical integration but, most importantly, if the technical change improved or degraded customer experience on the website when using a tablet device.

The project took form in two parts: 

  1. An independent professional design review of the updated website on tablet

  2. Usability testing sessions with Heineken UK staff


The Interviews

The sessions were run in a “guerilla testing” format, with an isolated interview room for 1-to-1 sessions, containing an iPad and access to the website. A separate room was then used for real-time viewing (via screen sharing tools) and review of the issues as the session went along. Ultimately seven individuals were interviewed for 30 minutes each.