London-based design and animation studio, Fred & Eric, asked us to help them revamp their website and build it onto an easy-to-use, scalable web platform that would showcase their beautiful video work in the best way possible.

With efficiency and speed the main driving factors, we needed a platform that could let us design on web and offered responsive support out-of-the-box. We turned to Squarespace. One of our favourite tools for collaborative, rapid website creation.


Squarespace offers a number of exceptional templates that you can change and tweak to your needs. These can help you form the foundation of a website far quicker than using conventional web development approaches. 

Using some advanced Squarespace engineering techniques (we're members of the professional Squarespace Circle group) we customised the chosen design template to fit Fred & Eric's needs. Reviewing regularly, tweaking, and so on. Meanwhile, with the presentation view being totally separate from the data model, we could lay out the content and IA of the site without impacting on development.


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