A large UK financial organisation asked with us to help them with a design transformation project across their UK business. As part of the transformation process, it was critical to communicate to design partners, executives and other key parts of the organisation, about how design was changing and what that meant for the future of the business.



Collaborative creativity

Working with them as a strategic consultant and design partner. We ran workshops and ideation sessions with the senior design team to help establish the new definitions of roles, methods and approaches within the design team. Through to the communication strategy for sharing this information across the UK and US business.


Success through simplicity

The final output was a range of materials that communicated the critical aspects of the new design culture in a variety of engaging and easily consumable forms. This included:

  • 90 second long animated video

  • A custom made flip box containing over 20 cards and leaflets about the subject of design and its processes

  • A 88-page book about the near-future design influences on the financial industry

  • A range of other supporting promotional and creative materials to support the internal design events


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