Working with one of the top financial organisations in the UK and the USA. We helped them create an innovation report that as part of a wider design transformation project.

Working closely with the senior design team, we researched, curated and produced 'What's Next: Influences On Design'. The project culminated in the creation of an 88-page book featuring a range of digital design focused subjects that will likely influences their customers and their experiences in the next few years.


Utilising our broad skillset

The project involved numerous phases of research, discussion and workshops around design and technology subjects. Building on our already diverse team knowledge of technology and design, we focused on subjects that resonated with insights and behaviours already exhibited from their customers or industry competitors.


Making change

The core objective of this project was to help the design team drive awareness and conversation across the organisation into design-themed subjects. This book was a major component in presenting the design team as thought leaders within the organisation. It was also showcased at a number of events across the UK and USA.