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Oh my god I suddenly want to live in Ealing!
— @guppikb - http://bit.ly/29BKBDf

Local publications are nothing new. Curated, quality, natively digital local publications are.

The west London borough, Ealing, is going through a huge period of change and improvement, driven by the effects of Crossrail. As Owl & Giraffe is local to the area, we wanted to help promote the finest, most creative events, shops, business and activities happening in Ealing. So we setup Queen of the Suburbs.

Since the MVP was launched in 2014 it's gained a strong local social following and has became a go-to resource for locals looking for like-minded inspiration. It recently moved off a basic hosting platform (used for the purposes of getting to launch quickly) and onto the rather fabulous Squarespace platform. It's allowed us to completely redesign the IA, introduce a far higher quality design for low-cost (in both time and budget) and vastly improve the experience for our users.

We're now iterating toward our first app which we hope to launch in the spring.