We believe good design is an essential ingredient to the creation of any product or experience.

We sit design alongside all other parts and phases of a project, working as either a supplementary layer or driving the main thinking. The critical thing to understand is that design, is, and always should be, a function to help solve a problem, and supplement a need. 

Recognising the need is the primary condition for design.
— Charles Eames

As a company we design our processes around the principles of user-centered design and agile methodologies. Through the lens of user needs and iterative creation, we've developed a number of lean design services, that can work within a product development team, or separately as as-needed service units.

What we offer

Design Workshops

Maybe you need to kick off a project? Restart a project that's gone off the point, or just want a creative session to focus on innovation and creativity. We've run all sorts of workshops for Heineken and eBay, and we can help you too.

Rapid Design Ideation

We provide an interactive workshop format that will help your business ideate from problem to concept, within an extremely short period of time.

User Experience Design

The foundation of any good digital experience is based in strong user experience design and thinking. With experience in creating the UX design of award winning products for the Guardian and eBay.

User Research

We believe you have to speak to users early in any design process, and then again, and then again. A design-research iteration is how we like to run our projects, but can also perform specific research investigations if required. 

Portable Testing Lab

Formal user research labs are great but expensive. Being lean practitioners, we often prefer to adopt a more guerrilla approach to research and have remote and portable research facilities we can bring to your offices, where your customers are based or anywhere in-between.

Interface Design

Every experience needs an interface (visual or not). We have experience in designing mobile, tablet and desktop interfaces, often in combination with a user experience design process we lead.

Interaction Design

A user's experience of a product is as much about it's movement and interaction, as it is the architecture and flow. 

Design Direction and Consultancy

Sometimes clients need general senior support, other times they want to remodel their design operations. Either way, we can help. With experience managing agency and client design teams, we can help support any new operational needs your business requires. 

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