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 The app featured on the Pebble app store

The app featured on the Pebble app store

Smartwatches are opening up a completely new model of user interaction. What better way to explore than through Pulitzer Prize winning content.

The Guardian newspaper is one of the most well respected daily publications in the world. It's also known as a digital pioneer and leader in digital thinking within the journalism industry. 

We undertook an internal design and product development project to explore smartwatches and, more specifically, the physical-digital interaction between wrist and information. This took the form of an application for the Pebble watch that enabled Guardian readers to enjoy the day's headlines via the medium of their watch's clockface. 

How it worked

Every few minutes one of the latest headlines would be updated on the screen of their watch. User's weren't actively notified, they would simply passively consume the information when looking at their watch. If they wanted another headline, they could simply flick their wrist and the watch would update.


A global success

The application gained interest from Pebble themselves and The Guardian, both of whom we began a relationship with and developed the application further. At its peak the application was installed on over 200k watches across the world - that's almost 50% of all Pebble watches owned at that time of production.

 The app usage analytics across the globe

The app usage analytics across the globe