eBay - Global Product Design


Global user experience and service design


eBay is one of the largest commerce companies in the world, with a 2014 revenue of almost $18 billion. Owl & Giraffe were asked to get involved with the global product design team, based in London. Supporting them in a number of capacities. From hands-on day-to-day design work, through to team management and development and operational processes.

We rolled out numerous iterations to features across the eBay product portfolio

With a team focus on improving the experience of eBay's global userbase (specifically not US-based users). We were involved in a number of strategic product design projects, aimed at optimising the existing eBay platform experience for non-US users. These projects took on a range of forms; from reation of internal design development tools, to stakeholder design workshops, through to classic UX and UI product design. 


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