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 A sticker from the 'Design Is' event

A sticker from the 'Design Is' event

Capital One engaged with us to help them as they went through a design organisation transformation. As part of the transformation process, it was critical to communicate to design partners, executives and other key parts of the organisation, about how design was changing and what that meant for the future of the business.

We worked with Capital One as a strategic consultant and design partner. Running workshops and sessions with the senior design team to help establish new definitions of roles, methods and approaches within the design, and then product an effective and clear communication strategy for sharing this information.

Unity through collaboration

The key ambition for the project was to clearly and transparently communicate the design team's ambitions and methods for the future. It was critical that all internal partners and senior stakeholders could easily understand and consume the information. Talking in design jargon was not an option. 

Our approach was to develop a range of materials that communicated these critical aspects in a variety of engaging and easily consumable forms. This included: A 90 second long animated video. A custom made 'Design Is' flip box containing over 20 cards and leaflets about the subject of design and it's process. A book about the near-future design influences on the financial industry. And a range of other supporting materials that were showcased across a number of internal events.


Video about the new design philosophy 


Postcards on the design roles and methods used by the team


Design stickers for the events (a bit of fun!)


'What's Next' book about future design trends

 Front cover work of 'What's Next?'

Front cover work of 'What's Next?'

The book was broken into subject groups of: technology, cultural changes and behaviours


Promotional banners used at the events


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