Brandpie, a brand and strategy consultancy based in London and New York, asked us to help redefine and redevelop their agency website.

From the outset, the requirements of the project were clear. The business needed a website that; presented their work in a clear and engaging way, improved their position in search results on key terms and increased conversions to new business leads from website visitors.



The Approach

The project started through a user-centered design approach. Working with senior directors to define the key user archetypes and business needs. From this we developed the experience, design and content strategies that would direct the visual, technical and marketing phases of the project, ensuring the business needs of the project were satisfied.

After the wider strategic model was defined we undertook a rapid wireframing and prototyping phase in collaboration with their design team. This helped us to quickly develop and communicate the information architecture and interface layout of the site across the client’s remote teams.


To deliver the full technical solution of the website, we developed on our preferred commercial CMS solution - Craft CMS. This platform was chosen over other CMS solutions due to its proven quality, flexibility and security.



The Results

Since the website launched in April 2019 Brandpie have experienced a transformation in their SEO performance, search result positioning and, critically, business conversions via the website.

  • Bounce Rate improved by 41%

  • Increase in page views 184%

  • Improved session duration up 260%

  • Increase in new business enquiries

Figures based on improvements from a week before the launch up until July 27th 2019.


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