Product Series: Travllr

Over the course of the next few months, we'll be investing our time into kickstarting a new product, called Travllr.

In addition to providing consultancy and design service to clients, our other core mission at Owl & Giraffe is to develop our own products. We believe that the best way of learning, in a product-led organisation, is by doing it ourselves. It keeps our skills sharp and provides a window for us to drive our passions.

Focus on something you love

We're huge lovers of travelling. Everyone at Owl & Giraffe has travelled extensively around the world. But, throughout those travels, we've never found a digital experience that works with our travel planning needs. Which is why we've decided it's time to explore solutions which improve the experience of gaining, storing and using holiday information before you travel, and while you're away.

The approach

In order to explore, iterate, learn, fail, improve... very rapidly, we'll be largely following the principles of Eric Ries, Lean Startup method. Modified a bit for our needs, schedule and location (we're based in London, not San Francisco). 

The sharing economy

Over the course of that journey (and hopefully beyond) we'll be posting up what we've been doing, our approach, our learnings, our failings and anything else in-between that we think might be interesting.

To stay up-to-date, you can follow along on this blog, on Medium or on Twitter.

Photograph by Jannes Glas -

We're currently undertaking some user research, so if you'd like to get involved we'd love it if you completed the survey on the below link