Our process


Turning a strategic vision into a reality can be a difficult thing for a company to do. We've developed ways to drive design projects pragmatically and collaboratively. Our team can help you understand what you want to do, where you need to go, and how you can do achieve it.


1 — Understand

We like to embed ourselves in your team and business. Learn about you and your customers and the project goals. 


2 — Define and Plan

To measure success we first need to define what success is. We'll help you evaluate what design effectiveness is for your project. And then how to get there. 


3 — Deliver

Our team operates in a lean, open manner to help you understand where we are in the project process and how far we have to go.

Owl & Giraffe were fantastic design and technology partners for our digital transformation
— Lynsey Reid, European Product Owner, Heineken UK

Our ethos

Design is about solving problems. User experience design is about solving your business problems by engaging your customers in effective and engaging ways. Our design ethos is created around the established approach of user-centered design. This helps ensure that solutions are designed to fulfil the needs and expectations of your customers, helping drive effectiveness.


Be human

Users aren't business requirements, they have their own set of needs, expectations and issues. To create a product with true customer value,  you need to place the user at the centre of the experience.

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Keep lean

Whether a project or product, being lean isn't about doing away with documents and processes entirely. It's a mindset that promotes consideration, innovation and collaboration, driving a team toward greater efficiency and, ultimately, earlier release.

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Stay nimble

Organisations and projects aren't static things, so why should processes and methods be fixed? We utilise a selection of agile, waterfall and lean methodologies to best fit a project.



With our clients, we promote play through design workshops, process and tools. Creating an attitude that embraces play and innovation.


Our services


User Experience

We can help you gain a competitive advantage by creating experiences designed around the needs of your customers and your business.


Using hybrid lean and agile product development approaches, we can help you build and launch anything from websites and native mobile apps to chatbots.



We can help you and your organisation gain competitive advantage through the use of effective, strategic design thinking and technology.


Exploring and learning from an idea as soon as possible is critical to design success. We can help you quickly iterate through an idea via a combination of design-led workshops.


Developing a product can be a complex and difficult process. We can help you understand the team you need, and help you all the way to launch.


Understanding how your customers think, behave and feel is critical to success. We can help you undertake affordable research solutions to learn more about your customers